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"Congratulations on a great market call on Gold"
P. W. - 01/24/14
"…[your work] is uncannily accurate, almost unbelievable."
M.F.B. - Ph.D. - 10/12/13
"All I can say is "WOW!" …I managed to hold on to some buys during the frightening drop, and it turned out that your cycles have been dead-on…brilliant analysis.
C. S. - 10/10/13
phenomenal work...No one else is as accurate as you have become."
George B. - 12/12/12

" had predicted events, and a time frame, that led to the collapse of the US markets in 2008."

Bobby R. - 4/29/11

"You have called every major zig and zag of the market with astounding and astonishing accuracy."

Ike Iossif - Interview - 8/28/10

"Listening to Hadik's interviews... helped me realize the top in 2007.

Kent A. - 5/13/10

"Congratulations on your market bottom call in early-March!"

Mike W. - 4/23/09
"...10 years I've been with you and you still rank as #1 in market forecasters...I know no one better."
Joe C. - 4/17/09

"After twenty years... no one I have read does cycle analysis with anywhere near the depth and breadth that you do.  Also, you provide LOTS of specific targets, comprehensive S/R work that is simply not available elsewhere."

David G. - 2/09/09

"...your timing is remarkable...when you say the Dow could lose up to 50% of its value..."

Donald S. - 9/15/08

"I've been a subscriber now since just before you forecast and pinpointed the top in the stock indices in 2000.  Then you caught the bottom in 2002. Your command of the big picture is unrivaled..."

Joe C. -- 11/17/06
"...Your analysis of the markets is as precise as I have seen anywhere.... Your Tech Tip Reference Library is very comprehensive, and much more precise in recognizing patterns, reversals, etc., than most newsletters and market advisers."
Jim W. -- 4/4/05
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Stock Indices Fulfill Sept. 15--19th Cycle Peak;
Project Sharp Drop into October!  (1st Phase?)
Action of Oct. 15--17th Could Impact Future Cycle... in April 2015.

"40-Year Cycle - Stocks 1974--2014" Elaborates (FREE w/any subscription)
Gold Validates late-2013 Cycle Low;  Targets Reached 3Q 2014 = Expected High (Platinum & Palladium Corroborate) Monthly & Yearly Cycles Converge in mid-2015

As seen on CNBC, heard on 'Inside Wall Street' & Marketviews and read in WSJ, IBD, FWN, etc. "Eric's timing signals have been superb... one of the best kept secrets of our industry." " called with great accuracy the events of the past few days"
Cattle Bull

Welcome to INSIIDE Track
INSIIDE Track Trading is dedicated to informing & educating traders/investors, providing analysis that is rooted in cycle & technical studies while structured to take a practical approach to trading.

INSIIDE Track publications draw from Eric Hadik's 30+-year career trading & analyzing the financial & commodity futures markets and his development of acclaimed trading indicators & axioms.  [Many of these are available to subscribers via the 140-page trading manual: Eric Hadik’s Tech Tip Reference Library.]  

Based on reader feedback, this analysis is utilized to trade stocks & futures, indices & ETFs, metals & currencies, funds & interest rate instruments and many other investment vehicles.

Why Cycles?
Why rely on cycles?  The same could be asked of clocks & calendars.  And, the answer is ‘timing’.  In cycle analysis, that timing applies to shifts in mass psychology & market movement.

Over the past three decades, this has been powerfully validated with analysis published in 1999--2001 (anticipating war cycles & a ‘surprise attack on America’s shores’ for late-2001), in Oct. 2007 (when 17-Year & 34-Year Market Crash Cycles projected a 1-3 year/35-50% drop in stocks) and in 2009--2010 (forecasting major earthquakes in Chile & Japan for the precise periods in which they later occurred).

Cycle analysis projected a Major high in Gold & Silver for 2011 and anticipates a major peak in Stock Indices in 2014.  All of this corroborates uncanny market & geopolitical cycles coming into play in 2014--2017!


A Dollar Revolution: Gold
Gold & Silver Cycle Lows in late-2013 & 2015
Intervening Rebound - into 3Q 2014 - Projected
Dollar Cycles Turn Up in May 2014; Surge to New Multi-Year Highs Likely

   June 2013 - In the future, there should be another ideal time for buying Gold & Silver... but not yet!  There is still more drawback to unfold. Timing is the key!

   ...Gold & Silver tend to save themajority of the magnitude (price) of their moves for the latter part - and minority - of their related cycles (time)…  and could see the majority of its ensuing decline in the final months...

   ...Gold & Silver could easily accelerate through these targets and spike down to their secondary downside objectives - at xxxx--xxxx/GC & xxxx--xxxx/SI.
  [See A Dollar Revolution: Gold for complete details, including multi-year downside targets and ideal time for 3--5 year bottom (not 4Q 2013).]

Stock Indices: 4Q 2013 & 4Q 2014 Cycles
40-Year Cycle Projects Rally into late-2014

   May 2013 - Stock Indices have confirmed the development of their latest impulse wave…The cycle structure anticipated a low in Jan./Feb. 2013 after which the Cycle Progression (low-low-low-low) would turn bullish - and potentially very bullish - and project an overall advance…it could stretch all the way out until 4Q 2014…major cycles converge in 4Q 2014 and are more likely to produce a high... That is when, among other things, the following cycles reach fruition...
      -- 3-year low-low-(?) Cycle Progression.     -- 6-year low-low-(?) Cycle Progression.
      -- 12-year low-low-(?) Cycle Progression    -- 7-year high-high-(?) Cycle Progression.
      -- 40-Year Period of Testing from the late-1974 bottom…

 [Refer to the 05/14/13 INSIIDE Track Special Report for add’l charts & analysis that pinpoint late-2014 for the culmination of a 40-Year Cycle of Stock-flation.]

17-Year Cycle
2014--2016 = Critical Phase!

    The 17-Year Cycle- that so precisely pinpointed the 2007 Stock Index peak - and ensuing 50% drop - continues to impact the markets and should have a MAJOR impact on the coming years!

40-Year Cycle
2013--2017 = MAJOR Shift!

     The 40-Year Cycle - that has pinpointed economic crashes, major Dollar shifts, Gold & Silver bubbles, global crop crises and even volcanic swarms - is back in late-2013--2017!

The 2-Step Reversal is a rare but powerful trading pattern that usually indicates a critical top or bottom in a market.

"Hadik's Cycle Progression"

Hadik's Cycle Progression links the price aspects of Elliott Wave & timing principles of Gann.


Eric Hadik's Tech Tip Reference Library

    Eric Hadik's Tech Tip Reference Library is a compilation of vital technical indicators revealed to readers over the past 20+ years. As explained in this 140+-page manual, the key to successful trading lies in when, how, & where specific indicators are used. Indicators are tools... and no single tool will accomplish every task.

These indicators include Hadik’s Cycle Progression, the 2-Step Reversal, Double-Key Reversal & Turn-Key Reversal as well as unique twists on Elliott Wave, moving average channels & Gann analysis.  They can be applied as easily to futures or stocks as they can to ETFs, Indices, currencies, funds, cash markets and any investment vehicle with sufficient price data & liquidity.

    An unprecedented convergence of these indicators & cycles points to a dramatic period in the markets between 2014--2017 and identifies significant potential in many key market complexes during this period.


Commodity futures trading involves substantial risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
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